Recipe test: Sweet Potato Brownies from Deliciouslyella 

Sweetpotato brownies after the recipe of deliciouslyella

In this post, it’s all about great things! Sweet potatoes, brownies and Deliciouslyella.

Brownies and sweet potatoes don’t have much to do with each other on the first sight, but when you first try the delicious brownies after Ella’s recipe, you can’t imagine anything better! They are just so beautiful, sticky, delicious, sweet (but not too sweet) and best of all: healthy (they are sugar free, gluten free and vegan)! So don’t feel bad, if you make a batch of it every week :-)

Just look at them, they didn’t last long on that plate:

Sweetpotato brownies after the recipe of deliciouslyella - vegan and glutenfree

It is not the first recipe I tried from Ella’s blog and I’ll definitely introduce several more to you, because she is the greatest source of inspiration to me and one of the reasons why I started my blog and why I am having so much fun making healthy, delicious food.

So be sure to check out her blog and try the brownie recipe!!

Since her blog is in English, I don’t have to translate her recipe, that’s why I just send you over to Deliciouslyella :-)

Have a wonderful day everyone and enjoy your new favorite brownies!

Cheers, Steffi

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