Healthy shopping tips – Where to shop groceries (in Germany)

Healthy Shopping -

I am often asked, where I buy all the ingredients that I use in my recipes. Of course I have my regular stores that are around the corner, but I also buy many things online and love to visit one of the farmer’s markets here in Frankfurt and (re-)discover special / new / traditional food.

I normally use ingredients that are easy to get (I don’t have a top secret Spirulina-dealer with a secret plantation in southern Japan or so ;-)) and these ingredients are always in stock, so it is normal for me to use them every day.

Some might initially sound like exotic ingredients, but if you once extend your pantry a little, it will be  quite normal for you as well to have chia seeds in stock. And thus it will also be much easier to eat healthy. The healthy ingredients will jump quite naturally into your muesli etc.

So here are my shopping tips, where to get healthy foods online and offline and where I purchase most of my groceries. Let’s go!


  • the cheapest among the organic supermarkets and right around the corner of my house

  • I usually purchase my medjool dates there, as well as chia and hemp seeds, cacao, mulberries, goji etc.

Asian supermarket

  • here in Frankfurt there are quite a lot asian supermarkets

  • there you get fresh coconut, thousand varieties of rice noodles, exotic fruit and vegetables, gluten-free soy sauce etc. and I always get inspired

Basic Bio

  • slightly more expensive than Alnatura, but a much wider range, especially raw foods and gluten-free stuff (e.g. several varieties and brands of gluten-free pasta)


  • low-priced, and there is a branch around every corner

  • they sell many of my staples such as quinoa, amaranth, millet (-pops), coconut oil, rice milk, gluten free products etc.

farmers market

  • unbeatable in freshness, regionality and seasonality

  • always a great experience, I often discover fruits and vegetables that are available in no health food store

Health Food Store Freya

  • Freya is a super-stocked health food store here in Frankfurt, where I always discover something new and special


  • the first vegan supermarket in Germany with an increasing number of branches

  • they sell many products I know from the US or UK, such as coconut yogurt from Coyo (100% coconut) or the delicious coconut mylk drinks from Rebel Kitchen


Where to shop healthy online:


  • the best price when it comes to superfoods

  • you need to know exactly what you want and can’t browse like in the other online stores (see below)


  • they also sell their own products

  • wide range (food and non-food items such as nut milk bags, blenders and cosmetics)

  • sometimes offers when products are about to expire soon

  • delicious recipes collection


  • vegan foods, superfoods and vegan cosmetics


These online stores make a good impression, but I have never ordered something there:

good food shop / Organicfoodbar

  • good range, slightly more expensive than others

  • good range, good prices

  • their products are all organic, raw, vegan, gluten free and sugar free

RawLiving Germany

  • great variety and good prices


Outside Germany:

Goodness Direct (only online)

  • I never ordered there, but heard only good things and the variety is huge!

Whole Foods Market

  • my absolute favorite store in the world!

  • a paradise for aesthetes, hobby cooks, allergy sufferers, people who enjoy a healthy lifestyle

  • available in the UK and the USA

Happy healthy shopping,

Cheers, Steffi

PS: Do you have more tips on where to buy great, healthy food? Where do you shop?

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