Easy-peasy ice cream

Easy-peasy Eis

The summer goes on and so do the refreshments. Therefore, today I have a very quick, incredibly delicious ice cream recipe for you that contains only 2 ingredients. Namely

  • frozen berries and
  • bananas.

Whether you freeze both, or only buy the berries frozen, doesn’t matter, it works both. But if the banana is frozen (even just for one hour), the whole ice-cream gets creamier and firmer. So, if you have a banana left, cut it roughly into 4-5 pieces and put it in the freezer so you’ll have some in stock  for the next ice cream craving.

For the preparation, there is not so much more to say than: add berries and banana to your blender and mix it :-)

You do not really need quantities of the ingredients, because you can make your own creation by adding more or less from one or the other. I took approximately 50:50 berries and bananas for the ice cream on the image above.

You don’t need to sweeten the ice cream, since the banana brings enough sweetness to it.  But if you still want to make it sweeter, you can add some honey, maple syrup, agave nectar or dates (best are medjool dates or soaked other dates) to the blender.

Have fun trying and enjoy the refreshment!

Cheers, Steffi

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