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As you may have already noticed, I use my blender for many recipes. Frankly 2-3 times a day !! I use it for smoothies, ice cream, puddings, soups, spreads, pesto, sauces and a lot more. So I was asked several times which blender I use and recommend, so I thought I’d write a blog post about it today.

I had been looking a really long time for a blender and informed me in detail to find out which one is the best blender for my purposes.

Since I first had to think about a good blender when I started with drinking Green Smoothies, it was clear that I needed a high performance blender that makes the green leaves quite small (so the stems  and fibers are completely smooth) and the cells are split thoroughly so that all the valuable vitamins and minerals are released and can be directly incorporated and digested quite easy from my body.

Such a blender is usually made ​​for professional purposes and has more than 30,000 revolutions per minute. It blends everything really smooth, even avocado seeds, ice cream, frozen foods, nuts, etc. And because of its power, the contents of the blender even warms up after 2-3 minutes (a smoothie is ready by only 30-60 seconds, so no need to worry here), thereby it is a perfect tool for making quick soups (just add tomatoes, garlic, herbs, salt in the blender and give it three minutes of full speed).

If you have already been looking out for a professional blender and if you are interested in Green Smoothies you must have pretty sure heard about the Vitamix. With 37,000 revolutions per minute, it is the absolute king of professional blenders, and frankly is better than mine (most smoothie bars work with it, so I’ve often tested Vitamix smoothies). Unfortunately, it costs (depending on model) more than twice as much and is thus only due to financial reasons not part of my kitchen (but I am still dreaming of it).

Another Super-Mixer is the Bianco Puro with 32,000 revolutions per minute. The people on my farmers  market use it for smoothies, so I could also test it already in person. And I’m seriously impressed. Also, regarding the design, it stands out a bit from the other blenders (a matter of taste of course). But since it is already priced very close to the Vitamix, I would preffer the king of blenders with more power for a similar price.

Now let’s talk about my blender! I have the Omniblend V from JTC, which is at 30,000 revolutions still a real hero! Aa already described above, I have used it several times every day for almost a year and it mixes on and on and on. I have already recommended it to several friends who now also have it and all of them are really happy with it. And with 240-290 EUR (depending on the model) you buy a great, reliable professional device and perfect support for a healthy diet :-)

So, my conclusion is as follows:

If you want to have smoothies and Co. creamy and delicious (so you’ll stick to it and have fun living healthy), you’ll need a professional blender.

If only now and then you want to make a smoothie from fruits with some greens or avocado you can also choose a cheaper household mixer. I personally just wasn’t happy anymore with my normal blender when my requirements got higher. So I’m very happy with the price-performance ratio of my Omniblend.

But those who desire and have the money, to really buy quality that simply can not be beaten, should buy the Vitamix and invite me as smoothie tester now and then ;-)

I hope I could help you a little bit to find your way through the blender jungle!

Please leave your questions, experiences and comments on that topic, I’m always happy to hear from you!

Cheers and best wishes from the sunny south of Italy,


PS: There are also more professional blenders like the Blendtec Total Blender (they have super funny videos on their You Tube Channel, where they mix everything they can find, for example, iPhones, etc.), but I could not test it yet. Did you?

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