Perfect Hangover Drink

Hangover-Drink -

The new year is here! Wohooo! I hope you all welcomed it with a lot of dancing, laughter and maybe some cocktails!? In that case I have something for you today.

My ultimate hangover drink! Full of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll, which lets you start super alkaline, detoxifies your body and boosts your energy, so hopefully 2015 will be terrific!

The recipe is for a juice, but you can also make a smoothie with the ingredients, since almost all of them can also be blended. If you want to, you can also strain the smoothie through a sieve, then you also get juice ;-)

So, these are the ingredients for pure happiness:

  • 2 handfuls of kale
  • 1 large apple
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 small fennel (this is not so nice to blend, so better leave it out if you don’t have a juicer)
  • 1 small lemon
  • 1 orange
  • small piece of ginger
  • parsley
  • mint


Put all ingredrients into the juicer or blender (then with a little extra water) juice/ blend and enjoy.

Hangover-juice -

Healthy Happy New Year!

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