My new favorite juice: fennel-orange-pear

Fenchel-Birnen-Orangen-Saft -

I guess, I already told you a thousand times that santa brought a juicer last christmas ;-)

That is why I try quite a lot of things every day to see what the juicer has to offer. Honestly, I’m really addicted to these juices. The urge to drink a juice begins directly after opening my eyes in the morning.

And my absolute favorite, I’ll show you today.

It is actually nothing special (no superfood etc.), because it is made of only three ingredients that are available everywhere, but still it is soo good and healthy:

For a large glass (about 400ml) you’ll need:

(in my case the fennel is usually bigger than the pear and orange).

Fenchel-Orangen-Birnen-Saft -

This juice is simply a blast. It tastes very fresh and sweet and has a special kick because of the fennel, that brings a little special and dry flavor.

And it is super healthy, because the fennel is rich in vitamins and fiber and helps digestion (more on this in the Health Facts fennel). And the orange with its high vitamin C content and the pear with its high folic acid and potassium contents are great friends, which together form the perfect combo of vital substances.

So if you have a juicer, you have to give it a try! Otherwise you can also buy fennel juice and pear juice and squeeze a fresh orange into it. It may not be as fresh, but it tastes delicious too, I am sure.

Fennel-pear-Orange-juice -



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