Mediterranean salad for your barbecue-party

Mediterraner Salat_1

The time of picnics and barbecues is finally here again! I love to hang out, grill and eat outdoors with friends and just having a good time! And what about bringing a mega tasty, colorful Mediterranean salad next time (instead of the usual Potato salad) that is also filled with goodness for you and your friends?

Here are the ingredients (the amount may vary, depending on the number of people):

  • Vegetables (I had chickpeas, tomatoes, peppers, avocado, cucumber, olives)
  • fresh herbs (such as thyme and basil)
  • optional: millet (or couscous or quinoa)
  • Apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper

Mediterraner Salat_2

Just cut the vegetables into pieces, stir in millet and season with herbs, vinegar and spices to taste.  That’s it!

Have a lovely and sunny weekend,


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