I am doing a Juice Cleanse! 

Juice Cleanse - www.healthyhappysteffi.com

Since I started healthy eating, I often stumbled over the topic detox / cleanse. And I’ve always been tempted to try that.

  • Could I manage it? Me, who loves eating so much?
  • Will I get a bad mood or headaches?
  • Is it really true that you feel so fresh, awake and light after a few days?

A thousand questions but I guess, I never really had the guts to try it myself to find out.

How happy was I, when Yuicery asked me if I wanted to try one of their „Cleanses“.

Of course I wanted! And I will start tomorrow.

So I invite you to join me in this experience. And I promise that I will be brutally honest and tell you about all my ups and downs. I decided to do a 3-day cleanse, and starting from tomorrow I will report every day, how I am doing and feeling.

But first the most important facts:

What is a cleanse?

Our body is exposed to many, many influences every day that effect us inside and outside. For example (bad) diet, exhaust fumes, pesticides, drugs, stress, cosmetics, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, detergents, …

The body can sustain a lot of this itself with the help of our detoxification organs liver and kidneys, that filter the unloved substances. But the amount of toxins to which we are exposed today, is too much to handle for our body.  So it stores the overload of toxins (e.g. in fat depots) and works as good as possible. You can live like this for many, many years. But over time, little gouts are sneaking in, which we find quite normal today. For example, we often feel tired and never really awake, bloated, have allergies, a few extra pounds, are prone to colds, rhinitis, nausea etc. I could continue this list forever.

Actually, our body never gets a rest. Even on vacation, we stress our bodies with alcohol, nicotine, exhaust fumes etc. But the toxic depots will only be addressed in a „quiet moment“, since it is hard work and stress to release the toxins from the fat cells. And does the body ever have the time and capacity to do so?! Aaaahhhh …

A cleanse (or detox) deals exactly with this problem. During such a treatment the body is burdened with absolutely nothing (no stress, no digestion, no toxins) and is at the same time flooded with vitamins and antioxidants so that the detoxification organs are working at full speed and can throw out all the crap from the depots. You can compare it with a spring-cleaning at your home, to which an entire cleaning crew is invited. Not bad, right?

Detox - www.healthyhappysteffi.com

How does a cleanse work?

During the cleansing you should have as much relaxation as possible. No appointments, no stress, no excessive sports. At best a long weekend or vacation. It should last at least three days, but if you are only able to incorporate a single cleanse day, that also will give your body a little relieve.

It is important to prepare your body for these days and not to throw everything overboard immediately after the cleanse (but actually it is said that one feels so great at the end that you wouldn’t want to eat unhealthy anyway ;-))

Everything that you take in during the cleanse days, is juices and nut milks (every 2-3 hours). Cold pressed juices, which contain several organic fruits and vegetables loaded with tons of goodness. There is nothing to chew (oh, that will be hard for me!), so that the body doesn’t need a lot of power for digestion, and can only soak up all the nutrients. Coffee, alcohol and nicotine are of course taboo.

Since the juices and nut milks are nutrient rich, the body should also be quite satisfied and not develop much hunger (that’s also why you should have no physical or mental stress during this time).

Where can I do that?

One opportunity is to make a detox somewhere in a special clinic, away from home and the possible temptations / sources of stress.

Since this is however quite expensive and time-consuming, more and more companies have developed that deliver the juices to your home. So you don’t have to do grocery shopping yourself and stand in the kitchen (again avoiding temptations), but can really relax.

Yuicery is one of these companies. They created different cleanses (1-5 days), prepare the juices and nut milks fresh daily and deliver them to your home (Germany-wide). Easy-peasy, I would say ;-)

I chose, as I already said, the 3-day cleanse. I’ll have 5 juices a day and one nut milk (Yuicery have almond milk in their cleanse program, but I am allergic to almonds, so I’m making my own nut milk (from apricot kernels, macadamia or cashew example)).

Cleanse - www.healthyhappysteffi.com

Why should I do it?

Detoxification is said to optimize the following: You feel powerful again, more alert, more fit, relaxed, you can even lose allergies (if you make a longer detoxification), it strengthens the immune system, you get glowing skin and a better sense of your body and may even lose a bit of weight. Sounds good.

So, that was it. Pretty much text, eh?

But you should be well informed before you do a cleanse.

I am really looking forward now and I am curious what will happen to me (during and after).

So stay tuned and I am happy to read your comments, questions etc. :-)

Cheers, Steffi

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