I’m doing a Cleanse – Day 3

Juice Cleanse Day 3 - www.healthyhappysteffi.com

The third day of my cleanse is almost over.

And honestly I am looking forward to tomorrow, when I finally can „eat“ something other than juice.

Yesterday evening I had a little mini-crisis, because I had no desire for juice and since then also experience some digestive problems. That makes it a bit harder.

I got used to the constant hunger (I guess I just need some fiber) and I had no more headaches and again slept very well and deeply.

I still like the fruity juice in the afternoon and the nut milk in the evening the most, which I had not expected, since I am a big friend of greens and drink Green Smoothies almost every day.

Juice Cleanse Day 3 - my favourite juice - www.healthyhappysteffi.com

Furthermore I had a fresh homemade vegetable broth today, which was great. A nice variation, so warm and savory. The vegetables that I’ve used for the broth, I will blend with some broth and rice cream and make a delicious soup tomorrow since I don’t want to overdo it right after the cleanse with a whole grain bread or so ;-)

Tomorrow I will also post my conclusion and summarize all experiences, pros and cons of my cleanse!

Anyway, I’m very proud that I did it! And thank you Yuicery for the great juices and the great cooperation!

See you tomorrow,

Cheers, Steffi

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