I’m doing a Cleanse – Day 2 

Start of my second Juice Fasting Day - www.healthyhappysteffi.com

The first Cleanse-day lies behind me and the second day is almost finished. Yeah!

Last night, to end the day, I drank a macadamia milk that was really tasty and actually almost too much. I was really full then and slept 10 hours really tight.

This morning I felt very good. I was well rested, fit, and had neither hunger nor headaches.

But since noon, it has become a little harder. My stomach growls often quite loud (especially when I see delicious photos on Instagram, very funny ;-)) and I permanently have a medium strong feeling of hunger. I am actually always looking forward to the next juice.

Therefore, today I constantly tried to distract myself. I went for a walk, cleaned up my home, watched a movie, etc. That worked quite well.

My Second Day of Juice Fasting - www.healthyhappysteffi.com

All in all, I feel very good and I am fit. I don’t feel tired and have no more headaches. My skin actually hasn’t changed yet (it is supposed to glow after such a Cleanse), but I’ll be watching it ;-)

Now I am excited to see what happens tomorrow. Whether it gets easier as my body gets used to it, or if I get more hungry. We’ll see, keep your fingers crossed!

See you tomorrow,

Cheers, Steffi

PS: Thank you for your lovely, supporting words on all channels, that’s so great <3

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