Health Facts cashews

cashews - good for nerves and muscles -

I use cashews every day in many forms, because they simply have great features and are very versatile. And they also have a lot to offer inside:

  • polyunsaturated fatty acids which lower the cholesterol 
  • high quality protein, especially the amino acid tryptophan, which is converted to serotonin in the brain, and thus lifts our mood and relaxes us
  • very high in magnesium, which makes them great for muscles and nerves
  • also vitamin A, B vitamins, D and E as well as potassium and iron, so they support the cardiovascular system and are great for eyes, bones, skin and the whole metabolism
  • 42g fat, making them among the nuts (which actually they don’t belong to) considered more of a low-fat choice

So be sure to help yourself when cashews are offered and use them more often in your diet!

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