Health Facts beetroot

Beetroot -

Beetroot is so versatile! Pickled, as a carpaccio, in salads, in soups, in smoothies, for coloring pasta or bread etc.

But the greatest thing are the ingredients of the sweet, earthy-tasting tuber:

  • Betaine (a secondary plant substance), that protects the liver, bile and heart and rises serotonin levels in the brain and thus creates good mood
  • A lot of folic acid, which protects the heart, prevents against stroke and is important in pregnancy
  • Large amounts of vitamin C, A, K, magnesium and calcium (several times higher in the leaves, so make sure to put them into your smoothie or salad!)
  • Furthermore, beetroot is known for its detoxifying effect and its positive effects on gut health and skin problems. For these positive effects it is recommended to drink a glass of beetroot juice daily.

If you don’t like the special taste of beetroot juice, you can mix it with e.g. apple-, carrot-, lemon- and / or orange juice, so it gets a fresh, fruity note.

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