Health Facts radicchio (EN)

radicchio -

Radicchio is a bitter-tasting, small, dark red salad from northern Italy.

Its bitters make it an interesting, characteristic ingredient in many dishes, and on the other hand a particularly healthy food. But it also contains many other valuable ingredients that are good for us:

  • many bitter substances (most in the white parts) such as Intybin that stimulates the production of bile, which reduces cholesterol, aids digestion and has an appetizing effect
  • large amounts of B-vitamins, vitamin A and C
  • many minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron
  • Phytochemicals that fight free radicals 

Radicchio can, same as arugula, contain much nitrate. You should therefore not consume huge amounts of it (which is hard anyway) and always consume plenty of vitamin C with it (e.g. with lemon juice in the dressing).

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